What is Satec EOS?

Satec EOS is an advanced energy operating system covering typical SCADA functionality such as data acquisition, monitoring, and control of the solar photovoltaic plants plus advanced features such as alarm generation, yield reports, performance ratios, and O&M calendars which will provide the ideal tool to manage your solar photovoltaic plant.

Performance-oriented system

Precise, fast, and reliable, resulting in total control of energy output at every level to obtain real understanding and visibility of plant performance.

Automatic and flexible operation & yield reporting module

Personalized reports, including calculated parameters.

Intelligent GRID and Energy Control Modules

Regulate voltage, active and reactive power, rate of change of power and response to changes in grid frequency.

Single and multiple plant support

The central system allows for the unified control of all the solar PV assets. Other technologies are also supported, such as wind power plants, with more to be added.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time supervision including single-line electrical diagrams (low, medium, and high voltage) and geographical maps.

Alerts & Notifications

Alarms generation and integrated ticketing system.

Major reduction of O&M costs

Provides the operator with complete visual diagrams and alarms, enabling fast problem detection and resolution.

Standards based

Hardware-neutral solution, with software based on all applicable best practice standards. Non restrictive installation models.

Integration with third-party systems

Easy integration of pre-existing SCADAs, sensors, acquisition devices, O&M applications, etc.